1. oasis extended

  2. the shop between the trees

  3. Chinese New Year - entrance gate to a local business, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From the series ‘Chine all around’ (http://oneredlotus.com)

  4. Offering shrine at a local beer garden/restaurant/KTV, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - from the series ‘China all around’

  5. the game and the players

  6. Wild West Phnom Penh

  7. Tia ChoColat - under renovation

  9. so what?


  10. my first post on @exposure features on their homepage (amongst others ;-)


  12. apassionforasia:

    the origin of Angkor

  13. Why monochrome often equals peacefulness and essence

  15. apassionforasia: